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Remaining Predictions for the Year Revealed

Remaining Predictions for the Year Revealed

“Outwork your potential, don’t fear failure, and create something timeless.”

                                                                      Kobe Bryant, NBA basketball player
The world mourned the loss of star basketball player, Kobe Bryant, whose helicopter crashed near Los Angeles along with 8 others, including his daughter Gianna. He is most famous for his extreme work ethic (his “Mamba Mentality”) as well as his relentless curiosity about everything. We can all aspire to his supreme dedication in our work in AI in medicine and healthcare.
As a follow on from my previous newsletter, here are the remaining five of my predictions for this year for AI in medicine and healthcare:

  • There will be less hype about deep learning and its ability to predict with superior results and more focus on patient outcome and behaviour.
  • There will be more application of AI in altered realities of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.
  • Certain surgical and procedure-based subspecialties will incorporate image interpretation and deep learning more during procedures.
  • Important issues in AI in medicine such as bias, inequity, and particularly data privacy will be even more in the forefront.
  • Regulatory policies regarding AI technology in medicine and healthcare will start to reflect the exponential rise of AI capabilities.

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