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CIO Review: 50 Most Promising Healthcare Providers in 2020

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With the ability to perform human tasks more efficiently and at lower costs, today artificial intelligence (AI) is showing tremendous potential in healthcare. Despite understanding this, healthcare organizations and AI companies are separated by uncertainty, unsure of available solutions and who to trust. Medical Intelligence 10 (MI10), an AI-inspired education, advisory, and consulting firm, is on a mission to remove such barriers. MI10 helps its clients attain the highest possible ROI for expenditures on AI by facilitating meaningful relationships between healthcare organizations (hospitals, payers, professional schools and societies) and AI companies. MI10 assists executive and clinician leaders in the evaluation and implementation of AI strategies in healthcare organizations. “We bring together AI domain expertise and insightful strategies that help you successfully apply AI in healthcare,” explains Dr. Anthony Chang, founder of MI10.

Dr. Chang is the chief intelligence and innovation officer (CIIO) at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. He also has a background in Artificial Intelligence with an MS in Biomedical Data Science from Stanford School of Medicine. Alongside MI10, he founded AIMed, a company that organizes events worldwide about the application of AI in medicine and healthcare. As a convener of hospital and healthcare organizations, companies with AI services, and investors in the space, Dr. Chang has a unique perspective of being in the epicentre of AI in medicine and healthcare. He realized there was a need for education, consultation, and strategy with regard to AI implementation in medicine and healthcare. Based on this need, the idea for MI10 was conceptualized. MI10 serves as an informed and connected matchmaker for all stakeholders, which include hospitals and healthcare organizations, companies and startups with AI services and investors.

MI10 continually assesses healthcare organizations and AI companies by using a proprietary 11-dimension scoring tool to determine an organization’s or company’s AI capabilities. After the final score (0-100 points) is calculated by measuring various metrics, MI10 can then help its clients formulate an AI strategy and elaborate different methods to improve their score. An essential part of guiding an organization to improve its AI capabilities involves MI10 providing onsite educational services as well as realtime consultations. They will also offer public monthly seminars on a wide variety of AI-related topics. In addition, MI10 is developing an online video series to educate its clients in the domain of AI in medicine and healthcare. The preliminary plan is to develop 25-30 learning modules that cover various topics in AI in medicine and healthcare. Dr. Chang explains that MI10 helps any healthcare organization as well as company through its cultural transformation process for artificial intelligence adoption.

Recently, MI10 entered into a longterm collaboration with a hospital in the U.S. to help them improve their capability to adopt AI solutions. After completing an on-site assessment, MI10 is now pursuing deployment and strategy formulation to enhance the hospital’s AI capabilities. Based on the MI10 scoring tool, Dr. Chang notes that most hospitals score relatively low (in the 20-60 out of 100 range). Additionally, MI10 also plans to score AI in medicine and healthcare companies with higher-scoring ones to be recommended to hospitals and healthcare organizations needing AI services. Lastly, MI10 is also available to guide companies and startups offering AI services to improve their clinical relevance and eventual success

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Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in Cardiovascular Medicine (Intelligence-Based Medicine: Subspecialty Series) Data Science, Artificial

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