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10 questions for AIntrepreneurs​

10 questions for AIntrepreneurs​

10 questions for AIntrepreneurs

So, you are a technologist, data scientist or health professional who wants to be the founder of an AI company i.e an AIntrepreneur?

An AIntrepreneur is someone who pursues opportunities in healthcare AI under VUCA conditions with the goal of creating user or stakeholder defined value through the deployment of innovation using a VAST business model.

If so, you will need to overcome some hurdles at four different levels of the healthcare AI value chain-personal, company, consumer or end-user and the sick care ecosystem of systems. The first step is to find the answers to some basic questions:


  1. Do you understand the definition and goals of physician entrepreneurship?
  2. Do you have the requisite entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies to be successful? Do you know why your startup will fail? Do you know why non-sickcare entrepreneurs fail?
  3. Do you understand the people part of AI?


4. Do you have a clearly defined customer?

5. Do you understand their problem and the pain it is causing?

6. Are your underlying business model canvas hypotheses valid?


7. Do you know how to overcome the barriers to AI dissemination and implementation?

8. Do you know how to create a cultural transformation in the end user community?


9. Do you know how to overcome the systemic challenges of AI dissemination?

10. Are you offering an AI product or service that will transform sickcare to healthcare and add at least 10x value compared to existing offerings?

Digital health entrepreneurship and AIntrepreneurship, specifically, requires a multilevel approach to solve problems that are unique to the sickcare system of systems. Start by answering the above questions to judge whether you are prepared to take the journey.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA is the President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and an advisor at

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