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Welcome to where we intend to transform the sick care business as much as we will transform the grocery business after our recent acquisition of Whole Foods nd partnership with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to create Haven.. Just imagine discounted prescription prices delivered to your door in two hours for Prime members. No more Whole Paycheck. No more Whole Bank Account forcing you into medical bankruptcy. Are you nervous?

The healthcare industry is undergoing systematic changes driven by trends such as an aging demographic, the explosion in healthcare data, and increasingly complex administrative infrastructure. The Covid-19 outbreak has made these challenges even more urgent. Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, & Apple (FAMGA) were already leveraging their scale, user base, technology, and brand to modernize the consumer & enterprise healthcare experience. Their aim is to capture a piece of the $3.6T US healthcare market. Covid-19 could accelerate their collective march. Big Tech In Healthcare

• Facebook: The social media giant aims to leverage its diverse user base & the unique user behavior data collected. Its healthcare effort primarily focuses on distributing healthcare information and organizing users with common health interests. The company could become the digital front door for healthcare, similar to Tencent’s WeChat in China.

• Amazon: The e-commerce & cloud computing powerhouse attacks healthcare with its experience building back-end infrastructure & 110M+ loyal Prime members. Amazon counts drug supply chain, telehealth, and cloud computing among its healthcare endeavors today. In the future, it could upend insurance by creating a marketplace for payers and providers.

• Microsoft: The company owns the world’s most popular workplace apps. Paired with a commercial focus, Microsoft is poised to drive quick adoption of these in healthcare. Teams & Azure products have already gained traction and more apps & services could be on the horizon.

• Google/Alphabet: Search, using advanced technologies like AI, is in Google’s DNA. The company is bringing this expertise to healthcare by building better search experiences for providers, patients, and researchers. It could also upend how education is delivered in healthcare.

• Apple: Apple is focused on helping its users securely manage and organize their healthcare data. On top of that, Apple will build a healthcare-focused app store for developers and researchers.

Here is a report on how BIG TECH is taking a big bite out of the $3.7T sickcare apple.

In case you have been confused about our recent activities, this might help explain the method to our madness.

Take advantage of :

  1. The mother of all analytics that can help you choose your medical needs and raise your health IQ as well as DIY decision support. If you are a “provider”, take advantage of our advertising that targets your patients based on what they have bought.
  2. AmedzonRx that provides online drugs at a fraction of the cost you pay now. Check out our line of OTC drugs.
  3. AmedzonDME for all your durable and DIY medical needs
  4. AmedzonLabs for online blood tests without the hassle of having to go through those annoying and inconvenient doctors to get them and the results
  5. AmedzonPrime for our special members who want premium priced sick care services from our pre-screened, high value network . Just click and book using Amedzon Insurance.
  6. Drone services to deliver medicines to difficult , out of the way places during vacation or an emergency
  7. One stop shopping for home delivery foods, special dietary needs and nutritional advice from our trained staff who understand how hard it is to stick with that Mediterranean diet. Unfortunately, Nestle has beat them to the punch.
  8. Health kiosks in all of our Whole Foods stores. We will even install places to charge your cell phone or laptop since most of our stores will be tap and go and last thing we want is for your cell phone battery to die before you buy that last box of quinoa
  9. Discounts on video streaming services when bundled with your Prime account
  10. Free two-day shipping with Prime when you order business and office supplies from Amedzon Business.
  11. No more of those ridiculous directories in the middle of the store that does have listed what you want . Just use our AmedzonGo app to search and buy.
  12. Get bonus points and use them for your next clinic visit at AmedzonCare at a facility near you.
  13. Alexa enabled medical devices, just like your Kenmore washer Health technology company Saykara is building an artificial intelligence-powered voice scribe with the goal of becoming Amazon Alexa for hospitals. Developed by a group of former Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Nuance employees, its solution uses voice recognition and machine learning to transcribe physician voice data and simplify EHR entries.
  14. The Amedzon Colostore, where you can shop online for your CT or MRI scan, mammogram or colonoscopy or other sick care diagnostic commodity
  15. Medical devices. We have teamed up with brand consultancy business Arcadia Group to launch a brand of consumer-use medical devices for diabetes and hypertension management. Now you have Alexa powered Choice.
  16. We will mine your records on the EMR

17. Amedzon smart homes and apartments come prewired with Alexa, your new roomate, to monitor your health. Amazon is partnering with the NHS to bring Alexa to patientsThe NHS pitches the service as being especially useful to elderly patients, blind patients and those who cannot access the internet through traditional means.

18. A new benefit for Amazon’s employees in the Seattle area is a virtual medical clinic that also offers in-person healthcare services.

19. Our medical travel benefit

20. Amazon Care The pilot program, called Amazon Care, provides a mobile app that enables employees to access virtual and in-person healthcare services from Oasis Medical Group, which is licensed in Washington state.

Our value propositions are a virtual grab bag of benefits:

  1. Supply chain management
  2. AI driven decision making
  3. Quality outcomes measurement
  4. Information exchange interoperability
  5. Better patient experience
  6. Reduce costs
  7. Improved back office efficiency and workflow
  8. Cheaper insurance and employer benefits costs
  9. Better doctor experience
  10. More transparency

In other words, our goal at Haven is to transform the present sickcare model into a new healthcare ecosystem.

Just imagine being able to shop and take care of yourself online without having to get off your couch and interrupt episode 7 of House of Cards. You are going to love kale and coumadin in a box delivered to your home in 2 hours.

Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA is the President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs on Twitter@ArlenMD and Co-editor of Digital Health Entrepreneurship

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