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How to Create a Virtual Medical School

If we have learned anything, it is that brick and mortar is so 2019. Almost everything has been virtualized: shopping, sickcare, data, financial services, retail and all the rest.

It’s time for the virtual medical school too. But, since there is nothing new under the sun, how should we make it better? How do you create a medical school without walls?

  1. Do a stakeholder analysis and figure out the jobs they want done.
  2. Create product-market fit by crafting a compelling value proposition that meets their disparate needs
  3. Change the business model, not just the curriculum
  4. Rethink the clinical experience and affiliate ecosystem
  5. Change the academic triple threat mentality from education, research and patient care to leaderpreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship
  6. Go global
  7. Have a teach off to pick the best online faculty in the world.
  8. Pass along the overhead savings by reducing, if not eliminating, tuition
  9. Don’t rely on state legislatures to fund your school. Find other creative revenue streams
  10. The new model will require new thinking about product, revenues, teams and systems to be profitable.

Here are some examples of medical schools introducing artificial intelligence training.

This work describes how pandemic affected pre-clinical period teaching and clinical rotations and explores its potential implications for the future of medical education. Medical schools will need to reorganize their educational activities and curricula, taking into account the possible effects of current or future outbreak. But, that is just the beginning. They will need to make the present model not just better, but obsolete.

The years 2019 and 2020 will be remembered by medical school leaders, medical educators, and medical students as the years of uncertainty and unpredictability.

If you find a single source of truth, please share with others in the comments section, since many of us have spent a lot of time looking for it. Who knew all this time it was on the internet?

Medical TEDucation is right around the corner. What are you waiting for?

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