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CIO Review: 10 Most Promising Healthcare Consulting Companies 2021

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On the surface, healthcare and artificial intelligence (AI) appear to be a match made in heaven. With its qualitative and quantitative insights, AI offers solutions to some of the most pressing problems in healthcare. But, upon closer inspection, the relationship is fraught with misunderstanding and disappointment, leading to failed outcomes. Siloed departments in each world are unable to pay adequate attention to details, leading to a lack of efficient computational infrastructure, process standardization, best practices, and digital workflow design. The absence of AI technology experts who also possess an in- depth understanding of the complex world of healthcare adds to these woes.

These shortcomings create barriers to data accessibility which in turn interferes with the dissemination and implementation of AI solutions. In order to overcome these inherent obstacles, healthcare organizations need a dedicated partner who has knowledge of end-to-end care delivery, data science, and AI.

Enter Medical Intelligence 10 (MI10), an AI strategy and education consultancy that helps healthcare organizations negate these challenges and make the most of their AI investments. With ethics and education at its core, MI10 has emerged as a beacon helping to guide healthcare executives, medical educators, and AI innovators into successful medical AI partnerships. In this way, MI10 is working to bring about a new era of ethical automation- based, AI-centric healthcare delivery.

MI10 is led by Dr. Anthony Chang, a rare talent and industry veteran who has spent years building bridges between AI and healthcare. Dr. Chang is a pediatric cardiologist and a data- scientist with a sub-specialization in AI from Stanford School of Medicine. He is also the founder and medical director of the Medical Intelligence and Innovation Institute (MI3), at CHOC Children’s Hospital. His recent book, Intelligence-Based Medicine: Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Cognition in Clinical Medicine and Healthcare serves as the definitive text on the subject of AI in healthcare, and he is the co-founder and chair of the newly-formed American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (ABAIM). The MI10 team is a multidisciplinary group of clinicians, AI practitioners, data scientists, and technologists. “In the absence of a CIO in the client organization, M10 consultants help organizations navigate the complex AI landscape by choosing the right partners to streamline their transformation strategy” says Dr. Chang.

The interaction begins with measuring the client’s AI readiness using the Medical Intelligence QuotientTM (MIQ™ MI10’s proprietary 11-component metric (data, science, infrastructure, cybersecurity, team, deployment, strategy, finances, engagement, leadership, and intangibles).

Based on the MIQ™ score, AI readiness is categorized as “Nascent”, “Aware”, “Ready”, “Focused”, or “Enabled”. While healthcare organizations can use the score to check for AI readiness, vendors offering AI services can also use the score to measure how well they are positioned to serve the needs of healthcare organizations.

MI10’s services are designed around a four-pronged approach of Assess, Educate, Advise, and Transform. Post-assessment, MI10 offers customized educational services to provide a solid knowledge base from both the clinical and data science perspectives. Next, the advisory services aid in developing a sophisticated AI strategy with a focus on transforming the organizational culture.

In addition to their work with healthcare providers and AI companies, M10 is working with a new medical school to redesign their curriculum to include coursework on data science, AI concepts, and AI ethics. Their goal is to prepare a new generation of medical professionals to effectively and ethically utilize AI technologies in the name of better healthcare outcomes.

MI10 also plans to introduce 30 new, video-based educational modules and a virtual workbook that will support self-paced learning.

The next decade will see widespread adoption of AI technologies and billions of dollars of expenditures. Just how effective those investments are will depend largely on how quickly the two disparate worlds of healthcare and AI can find common ground. MI10, with its unique position of expertise in both worlds, holds the key to unlocking that massive potential and bringing about better outcomes for patients everywhere.

Dr. Anthony Chang’s book is available on Amazon now! 

Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in Cardiovascular Medicine (Intelligence-Based Medicine: Subspecialty Series) Data Science, Artificial

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