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Case Study: Baptist Health

Hospitals and health systems are starting to embrace data science and artificial intelligence as an essential resource for the future of healthcare. While a few hospitals have started artificial intelligence projects in several sectors, most hospitals do not have a clear direction on how to deploy artificial intelligence nor a coherent artificial intelligence strategy to centralize efforts in deploying data science and artificial intelligence throughout the organization.

As an example of a successful partnership with a health system, we wanted to share this case study.

Need: A health system, which includes multiple hospitals, was interested in implementing new AI technologies and preparing the leadership team to make the necessary changes that effectively make use of current and future AI offerings.        

Description: MI10 conducted an extensive, multi-part evaluation of the organization, its leadership structure, and its readiness to engage in an AI partnership. Of particular interest was the possibility of robotic process automation (RPA) and an AI partner for revenue cycle management. MI10’s findings were applied into a Transformation Road Map which oversaw significant organizational changes, as well as multiple new technology partnerships with AI companies.                    

Outcome: With MI10’s guidance, the health system is engaged in the right technology partnerships with new vendors and technologies. MI10’s suggestions have been implemented, and the longer-term transformations have the system well-positioned to incorporate additional technological advancements into their systems.         

As a result of their work with MI10, the health system implemented advanced analytics with adaptive COVID-19 modelling. Thus, they were better prepared for COVID-19 through telehealth visits and enhanced online bill pay. 

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