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Entrepreneurship Teaching and Learning for Medical School Faculty

Entrepreneurship Teaching and Learning for Medical School Faculty

We need more entrepreneurial medical schools. Here are some ways to create them,

A key element is training the trainers, i.e. entrepreneurship teaching and learning development for medical school faculty who are engaged, understand the “why” and how they can support the entrepreneurial mission in basic science courses and overseeing students on clinical rotations. In too many schools, the problem is that the faculty are resistant to change and are unwilling and/or unable to participate. They become the problem, not the solution and a bottleneck to progress. Sometimes they are saboteurs.

Here is an introductory course outline in entrepreneurship for medical students.

But, what should an introduction to entrepreneurship teaching and learning include for basic science and clinical faculty who do not have innovation and entrepreneurship domain expertise include?

The learning objective of the module should be to know how to integrate healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship topics into basic science courses and clinical rotations by challenging students with case based, problem based and project based learning in real world settings and applications to help them perfect sickcare entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, attitudes and competencies.

Content should include:

  1. Explaining why innovation and entrepreneurship education and training is important and a part of your medical school strategic vision, why now and why your school?
  2. An overview of high level, basic concepts of biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship.
  3. Incentives and rewards for participation
  4. Examples of pedagogical techniques for introducing the subject in courses and rotations.

Here are some examples:

  1. Identifying other faculty development resources to support continuous improvement and learning.

Successful entrepreneurial universities require the recruitment, development, retention and promotion of faculty and leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Take it now.

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