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Dr. Anthony Chang’s book is available on Amazon now! 

Dr. Anthony Chang’s book is available on Amazon now! 

Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery

Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in Cardiovascular Medicine (Intelligence-Based Medicine: Subspecialty Series) Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Cognition in Clinical Medicine and Healthcare:

Intelligence-Based Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery: Artificial Intelligence and Human Cognition in Cardiovascular Medicine provides an especially timely multidisciplinary and comprehensive survey of artificial intelligence concepts and methodologies. It includes real-life applications in adult and pediatric cardiovascular medicine, spanning the life span from fetus to adult. Led by a senior cardiologist–data scientist and supported by renowned data scientists and cardiac clinicians with an ardent passion for artificial intelligence in cardiovascular medicine, the book provides a clinical interface between the medical and data science domains that is symmetric and realistic.

The content consists of basic concepts and applications of artificial intelligence and human cognition in cardiology and cardiac surgery. This portfolio ranges from big data to machine and deep learning, as well as cognitive computing and natural language processing in cardiac disease states such as heart failure, hypertension, and pediatric cardiac care. Artificial intelligence tools are described from the intensive care unit setting to other venues, such as the outpatient clinic, catheterization laboratory, and operating room. Future applications in related areas, such as large language models, extended reality, and digital twins, are also discussed. The book encompasses more than 50 chapters written by cardiologists or cardiac surgeons. Each chapter provides sections on the current state of the art and future directions and concludes with major takeaways. A robust compendium of practical resources, such as a comprehensive glossary, best references, and other resources, is also included.

The book narrows the knowledge and expertise chasm between data scientists, cardiologists, and cardiac surgeons, inspires these clinicians to embrace artificial intelligence methodologies, and educates data scientists about the cardiac ecosystem to create a transformational paradigm for cardiovascular healthcare that improves patient outcomes.

  • Covers a wide range of relevant topics from real-world data, large language models, and supervised machine learning to deep reinforcement and federated learning
  • Presents artificial intelligence concepts and their applications in many areas in an easy-to-understand format accessible to clinicians and data scientists
  • Discusses using artificial intelligence and related technologies with cardiology and cardiac surgery in a myriad of venues and situations
  • Delineates the necessary elements for successfully implementing artificial intelligence in cardiovascular medicine for improved patient outcomes
  • Presents the regulatory, ethical, legal, and financial issues embedded in artificial intelligence applications in cardiology


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