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1.23.24: “How do you know you are AI Ready?” (Office Hours)

1.23.24: “How do you know you are AI Ready?” (Office Hours)

– Erick Wicklund – Content Specialist (HealthLeaders Media)
– Arlen Meyers – President & CEO (The Society of Physician Entrepreneurs)
– Anthony Chang – Chief Intelligence and Innovation Officer (CHOC Children’s)

Key Takeaways:
• Implementing new technology in healthcare.
• Assessing AI Readiness in Healthcare Organizations.
• Educating faculty about technology adoption.
• AI readiness assessment for healthcare organizations.
• AI deployment in healthcare with a focus on leadership and culture.
• AI in healthcare, limitations and potential.
• AI adoption in healthcare with a pulmonologist.
• Healthcare’s readiness for AI and digital transformation. • Improving AI readiness in hospitals.
• AI project management tools for non-project managers

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