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Author: Arlen Meyers

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Arlen Meyers

Strategy Advisor

Arlen Meyers is the President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and expert on biomedical entrepreneurship.

His book, Digital Health Entrepreneurship, is available for purchase here.


Digital Health Has Converged with Biopharma

The convergence has happened because digital health technologies are making it easier for biopharmaceutical companies to discover, develop and launch new drugs faster and cheaper and improve the patient and doctor experience, in what is being labeled "after the pill".
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How to get a healthcare data scientist job

Healthcare data scientists are in high demand. Healthcare providers and payers are competing furiously with health IT vendors to secure experienced data scientists and machine learning experts in a highly competitive job market, says a study in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA).
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Barriers to sickcare artificial intelligence

Dozens of venture capitalists see the most potential for applied artificial intelligence in healthcare. As noted, technology has already been used to incrementally improve patient medical records, care delivery, diagnostic accuracy, and drug
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Sickcare digital transformation tips

Every industry, including Sickcare USA, is struggling with how to digitally transform themselves. In the case of sickcare, the transformation is a large part of the THE BIG FIX changing sick care to healthcare. Here is why non-sickcare entrepreneurs fail in sickcare.
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Prepare now for intelligent medicine

Artificial intelligence has the promise to make healthcare professionals smarter, better, faster, and cheaper and, as a result, make patients healthier at less cost and healthcare workers happier, less burned out and more productive. AI could even help transform sickcare into healthcare.
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How to make doctors more productive

The economists tell us that labor productivity is a measure of the amount of goods and services that the average worker produces in an hour of work. The level of productivity is the single most important determinant of a country’s standard of living, with faster productivity growth leading to an increasingly better standard of living. Given recent stagnation in wages, however, some are re-examining the link. It turns out if you make more things or produce more services, you don't necessarily make more money. In the case of doctors, the reverse is true. If you make more money it does not necessarily mean you are more productive.
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IoMT challenges

Each day, more and more things get connected, creating an event bigger and bigger smart world creating more and more data that makes us more and more vulnerable to cyberattacks and intrusions. This might be the final straw. Is there no place to be private anymore?
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How are digital health clinical trials different?

For digital health entrepreneurs, unless your intended use puts you in the FDA category of a medical device, you don't need to show that your product is safe and effective, let alone cost-effective. In most cases, rather, you need to demonstrate to investors that it can quickly scale and make money and the sooner the better. Too bad. You would think that whether you have to or not that prudent sick care business practices would mean creating a product that does what you say it will do. That's why only a handful of the hundreds of thousands of digital health apps are clinically valid.
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Digital Health Entrepreneurship

Are you feeling an entrepreneurial urge? Wondering how to leverage your insight into healthcare and technology into a business venture? We have some recommended reading: Digital Health Entrepreneurship from our very
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Welcome to Amedzon…huge selection at great prices, delivered to your door

Welcome to where we intend to transform the sick care business as much as we will transform the grocery business after our recent acquisition of Whole Foods nd partnership with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway to create Haven.. Just imagine discounted prescription prices delivered to your door in two hours for Prime members. No more Whole Paycheck. No more Whole Bank Account forcing you into medical bankruptcy. Are you nervous?
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Sickcare as a Disservice

What is a business model? There are many types of business models for companies in the business of medicine. In fact, not having a VAST business model is one of the top reasons why your business will fail.
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We need digital health package inserts

According to one source, a package insert is a document included in the package of a medication that provides information about that drug and its use. For prescription medications, the insert is technical, and provides information for medical professionals about how to prescribe the drug. Package inserts for prescription drugs often include a separate document called a "patient package insert" with information written in plain language intended for the end-user -- the person who will take the drug or give the drug to another person, for example a minor. Inserts for over-the-counter medications are also written plainly.
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