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Articles by Arlen Meyers


Arlen Meyers

Strategy Advisor

Arlen Meyers is the President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and expert on biomedical entrepreneurship.

His book, Digital Health Entrepreneurship, is available for purchase here.


What should healthcare executives and healthcare administration students know about AI?

The sick care workforce, including medical students, trainees, clinicians, front line workers and executives and healthcare administration students are adapting to artificial intelligence and upskilling themselves. While there are overlapping
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Dr. Arlen Meyers book is now available on Springer Link! 

Digital Health Entrepreneurship provides extensive guidance for the digital health entrepreneur Features practical examples of the entrepreneurial skills needed to successfully develop a digital health venture Contains a wealth of
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Advisor M & Ms

Doctors looking for nonclinical careers often think of consulting for medical-device, delivery-platform or pharmaceutical companies as a viable transition career option. Some doctors favor working with smaller, startup or early-stage
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How to navigate the four career crossroads: persevere, pivot or punt?

Remember when you were 18 and everyone kept asking about what you’re going to do next? At the other end of the spectrum was the mid-life crisis and all those
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Preserve, protect and grow your assets

Biomedical entrepreneurs, like physician entrepreneurs, usually spend 99% of their time heads down trying to commercialize their ideas or deliver user defined value through the deployment of innovation. Somewhere way
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#Metoo Medicine

Women make up more than 50% of medical school students. Yet, only slightly more than 30% of the US physician workforce are women. That differs from other countries. With looming physician shortages across the
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How to create medical technology CMOs and advisors

Most sick care technology companies, at some stage of their development, decide whether to hire a Chief Medical Officer (CMO), either part time or full time. However, given that the job
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Physician leaderpreneurs lead innovators, not manage knowledge technicians

Knowledge technicians differ from physician managers who are different from physician leaders. In addition, not all physician leaders are entrepreneurs and few physician entrepreneurs are innovators. The ” change impact funnel”
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Finding your place in a biocluster

Bioclusters, formal and informal networks of entities with a common bioscience commercialization interest, usually in a defined geographic area, consist of four sectors: industries (mostly medical-device and biotech/pharmaceuticals); service providers;
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Expand the AREA under your network curve

Building and managing your social network, both face to face and online, is a core entrepreneurial competence. It should also be a personal care competence. There are many reasons why
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What is physician entrepreneurship?

Victor Fuchs and Mark Cullen published an article in JAMA questioning the impact of health systems change on doctors and how the medical educational establishment should respond with curriculum reform that includes,
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How to build your personal brand

Building your personal brand might seem like a trivial exercise for doctors. For most, their plates are full keeping up with state of the art medicine and coping with all
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