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Articles by Arlen Meyers


Arlen Meyers

Strategy Advisor

Arlen Meyers is the President and CEO of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs and expert on biomedical entrepreneurship.

His book, Digital Health Entrepreneurship, is available for purchase here.


How to Create a Virtual Medical School

If we have learned anything, it is that brick and mortar is so 2019. Almost everything has been virtualized: shopping, sickcare, data, financial services, retail and all the rest. It’s
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The Edupreneur Business Model Canvas

One type of physician entrepreneur is an edupreneur. If we use the definition that entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity with scarce or uncontrolled resources with the goal of creating user defined value
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The Challenges Facing Medical Schools During the Pandemic

MI10 Advisor Dr. Arlen Meyers discusses some of the challenges that medical schools must confront as they deal with the continued effects of COVID-19
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Short Term and Long Term Prospects for Medical AI

AI in healthcare is an ever-changing arena, so it’s important to stay focused on the future. MI10 Strategy Advisory Arlen Meyers highlights some of the things to look for in
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What is Entrepreneurship?

VIDEO: MI10 Strategy Advisor and Founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs Arlen Meyers gives his thoughts on the definition of entrepreneurship.
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Medical education and training 3.0

The COVID pandemic is forcing almost every industry and company to rethink how they do business. Higher education is no exception. Medical schools and graduate medical education programs have been
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The legal, regulatory, behavioral and economic challenges of AI

Artificial intelligence has become the backbone of data analytics. There are few industries, including the sick care systems industry, where data scientists are not using it to solve both clinical
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What’s the CODE for Scalable AI?

Everyone seems interested in getting the most impact out of their innovation efforts. Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) have mushroomed since the invention of the Internet and cheap mobile communications. Community based innovation
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Digital Health Has Converged with Biopharma

The convergence has happened because digital health technologies are making it easier for biopharmaceutical companies to discover, develop and launch new drugs faster and cheaper and improve the patient and doctor experience, in what is being labeled "after the pill".
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How to get a healthcare data scientist job

Healthcare data scientists are in high demand. Healthcare providers and payers are competing furiously with health IT vendors to secure experienced data scientists and machine learning experts in a highly competitive job market, says a study in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA).
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Barriers to sickcare artificial intelligence

Dozens of venture capitalists see the most potential for applied artificial intelligence in healthcare. As noted, technology has already been used to incrementally improve patient medical records, care delivery, diagnostic accuracy, and drug
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Sickcare digital transformation tips

Every industry, including Sickcare USA, is struggling with how to digitally transform themselves. In the case of sickcare, the transformation is a large part of the THE BIG FIX changing sick care to healthcare. Here is why non-sickcare entrepreneurs fail in sickcare.
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