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How We Work

Healthcare educators and administrators are faced with the difficult task of preparing their students for a rapidly changing future. Many healthcare professional administrators and faculty are beginning to appreciate the need to reform healthcare education, but lack the tools to design and deploy modules into their existing curriculum.

MI10 offers a solution with MI10 MedEd 2030™.

MI10 MedEd 2030™ is a new look at medical education designed by MI10. With the healthcare landscape undergoing drastic changes in the upcoming decade, MI10 has constructed a series of educational modules designed to give healthcare professionals and students the knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies they need to succeed.

MI10 MedEd 2030™ is focused on 10 key areas:

  • Design Innovation & Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • Virtual Health & Monitoring Devices
  • Emerging Technologies & New Sciences
  • Health Informatics & Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence & Human Cognition
  • System Science & Health Systems
  • Medical Business & Healthcare Economics
  • Transdisciplinary Collaboration & Diversity Principles
  • Professional Leadership & Virtual Presence
  • Social Determinants & Healthcare Ethics

While implementing MI10 MedEd 2030™, we also follow our carefully-designed Assess, Educate, Advise, and Transform model.


We conduct an institution-wide needs assessment and gap analysis. It is important to establish your data literacy and analytics competency in order to determine how to effectively proceed.


By working with healthcare professional educators and administrators, we create learning objectives that are relevant to the needs of your students and can integrate with existing curricula.


We advise how best to rethink and deliver the future of medical education and training. Our goal is to help you produce graduates that are well-prepared serve the needs of community stakeholders.


Our engagement helps you with the application of education and training modules. By establishing systems to continually measure results, we can help you create transformative change throughout your organization.

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