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MedEd2030™is taught in a flipped classroom model and the content is catered to the requests of each school’s faculty, students and community, and housed in their Learning Management System for quick and easy access.  MI10 supplies medical students with an essential education piece, and also provides invaluable resources, networks, mentors, sponsors, experience, peer support and non-clinical career guides, which are useful for the rest of the student’s careers!

Kansas Health Science Center (KHSC/KansasCOM)

The Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (KSCOM) is a new DO degree-granting medical school in Wichita, Kansas located at the new Kansas Health Science Center. Over the last year, MI10 has developed an integrated curriculum encompassing the 20 innovative paired Motifs, called MedEd2030™ which are designed to complement the KHSC 4-year degree program. Included in the delivery of the MedEd2030™ materials by MI10 Faculty, Renowned Guest Speakers, and KHSC Faculty are case and project-based presentations, supported by basic medical science, clinical workplace immersion, interactive student-led case discussions/projects incorporating and encompassing KHSC ELOs.

“Appreciation for MI10’s Continued Partnership and Contribution

As we continue to innovate and expand at Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine (KansasCOM), it is important to acknowledge the enduring contributions of our steadfast partners.

Since the inception of KansasCOM, MI10 has been an integral partner, consistently enhancing the quality and breadth of our curriculum. Their expertise in technology, artificial intelligence, and business domains has significantly deepened the educational experience we offer. The complexity and sophistication they bring to our programs have not only set us apart but have also prepared our students to excel in a rapidly evolving medical landscape.

MI10’s commitment to excellence is reflected in the cutting-edge tools and analytical competencies integrated into our coursework, equipping our future physicians with the skills necessary to lead in their fields. As we reflect on our journey and look ahead to the future, we are grateful for MI10’s role in shaping a curriculum that is as robust as it is forward-thinking.

We recognize and appreciate the value that such a collaboration brings to our institution, and we are excited to continue this partnership, building on our shared vision of pioneering medical education.”

From: David Ninan. Dean & Chief Academic Officer

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-SZ)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-SZ) and MI10 have collaboratively completed the elements of MedEd2030TM to fully integrate into the CUHK-SZ curriculum over the next 6 years. This partnership includes both Faculty and Student ‘AI Primers’, and workshops with MedEd2030™ motifs relevant to the CUHK(SZ) curriculum and real-time current event related materials in the news. In addition to the clinical appointments, members of the MI10 Team have also been appointed as Part-Time Faculty and consultants for management meeting to plan research and clinical projects. CUHK-SZ and MI10 are also partnering in developing the educational motifs and curriculum for other medical schools in the Asia Pacific region, as communicated by MI10 at the Fourth Forum on Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Medicine with a keynote presentation to delivered by MI10 on ‘Medical Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Technology in Medicine & Healthcare’.

“Working with MI10 in the implementation and development of AI in medical education at CUHK-Shenzhen has been noteworthy. Their approach and commitment to leveraging AI technology have shown potential in enhancing the learning experience for students. Dr. Anthony Chang’s dedication to incorporating cutting-edge advancements in the medical field has opened up new possibilities for future healthcare professionals.”

From: Davy Cheng. Founding Dean & Presidential Chair Professor, School of Medicine

MI10 has designed the implementation of the three new certificate programs (Healthcare AI, Digital Health, and Healthcare Innovation) as well as the new master’s program in biomedical innovation at the Marnix E. Heersink Institute for Biomedical Innovation at the University of Alabama at Burmingham (UAB). The Foundations of AI in Medicine Course focuses on the fundamentals needed for implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in clinical settings, an introduction to AI, introduction to Healthcare Systems, Clinical Data and, an introduction to tools and techniques used in AI. The Foundations of Digital Health in Medicine Course highlights basic concepts needed for implementing Digital Health solutions in Health Care: Digital Health Concepts and Key Components, Digital Health Technologies, and Digitally Enabled Care. The MI10 Team has also had the privilege to be featured as Keynote Speakers for the AI in Medicine Symposium in partnership with UAB School of Health Professions and UAB Informatics Institute.

“Dr. Anthony Chang and his amazing MI10 team has done an outstanding job with our AI in Health Masters Program. His obvious dedication and ardent passion to enlighten anyone in healthcare along with his depth of understanding of not only the technical aspects of AI but also the real-world applications of AI in health is singularly unique amongst many who claim to be experts in this nascent field.

Dr. Chang remains one of the very few active clinicians who have innate appreciation of both clinical medicine as well as artificial intelligence with expertise in both domains. We are so impressed with his involvement with our Masters of AI in Health program that we have already invited him to lead an executive doctorate program of AI in health here. “

From: Rubin Pillay. Professor of Medicine and Assistant Dean, School of Medicine

MI10 has recently partnered with West Coast University (WCU) for the integration of the MedEd2030™ Curriculum, specifically in the area of Artificial Intelligence & Human Cognition.  West Coast University offers an innovative and hands-on degree programs that lead to professional success in nursing and dental hygiene, business administration health administration, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and pharmacy.

MI10 works in close synergy to design the framework and integrated content of MedEd2030™ through collaboration between faculty and industry professionals to provide curricula and train qualified AI champion faculty to prepare students for employment in an ever-changing job market.


The University of Colorado (CU)

The Biomedical Innovation and Entrepreneurship course modules at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus include the fundamentals of biomedical and clinical innovation and entrepreneurship in U.S. and international healthcare markets. As an extension to management approaches to recruit, develop, retain and lead innovators the curriculum includes, how to create innovative organizations and creating user-defined value through the dissemination and implementation of innovation. All these learning objectives are defined with the goal of creating user and other stakeholder defined value through the development, testing, deployment and harvesting the value of digital health technologies and care delivery improvements and innovations.

“I’ve been an advisor to MI10 for several years and participate in their many programs and initiatives, including teaching innovation and entrepreneurship in graduate level health professional schools and medical schools.

Medical students, trainees and active clinicians are ill-prepared to face the many issues preventing them from experiencing the joy of medicine and career success and satisfaction. The physician team at MI10 are leading advocates for medical education reform and providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to win the 5th industrial revolution.”

From: Arlen Meyers. Professor CU & MI10 Advisor

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