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How We Work

Hospitals and health system clinical and operations executives are starting to embrace data science and artificial intelligence to achieve the quintuple aim of qualityprofit (cost reductionrevenue growth), improved patient and healthcare professional experienceequitable access and effective and efficient workflow. However, many executives face the problems of vetting vendors, integrating products and services into their systems and accelerating adoption. Our team teaches and trains your stakeholders about healthcare artificial intelligence and works with you to increase adoption to achieve your clinical, operational and financial goals.



An artificial intelligence strategy starts with an initial organizational assessment of a hospital or health system’s data and artificial intelligence capabilities. It’s important to take a holistic view of all the different people, systems, and technologies that interact with your data in order to understand what each of their needs are.


Based on the results of the initial assessment, we help educate key personnel in your organization in order to create a base understanding of data science concepts and the capabilities of artificial intelligence.


As a roadmap is developed, we continue to advise as a new intelligent strategy is being deployed throughout your organization. It’s important to continually engage with our clients during this process in order make sure that systems are being disseminated optimally and the needs of all parties are being met.


This transformational strategy can then eventually lead to an AI center of excellence that can fully realize the potential of data science and artificial intelligence to improve hospital operations and efficiency as well as to improve caretaker satisfaction and patient outcomes.

Why MI10?

  • Physician-led
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Clinical and Research key opinion leaders
  • Boutiqued, personalized experience
  • Affordable
  • Evidence-driven
  • Practicing AI champions
  • International partners and clients
  • International robust networks
  • Career strategies for clinicians community

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