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Clinicians, Advance Practice Professionals, Allied Health Professionals, and Faculty School Administrators:

This is Your Organization's Roadmap to an AI-Enabled Future

With the advent of more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology, there is increasing interest for executives in different organizations to initiate efforts for adopting these AI tools. There is an increasing number of “AI Maturity” models for organizations, including a few such models for hospitals and healthcare organizations. These AI maturity models, however, are usually not well suited for healthcare systems and/or are excessively tedious to use. In addition, these AI maturity models often lack an objective measurement of the AI readiness of the healthcare organization, the very important first step of a healthcare organization’s AI journey.

We prefer a different strategy: an “AI Readiness” approach and we term an objective data-based assessment the “Medical Intelligence Quotient (MIQTM)” of the healthcare organization. AI readiness is the very first and most important step of a healthcare organization’s AI journey. Just like the human intelligence quotient (IQ), this is the beginning baseline of the AI effort. In short, AI readiness assessment in the form of MIQTM is where the healthcare organization is as it begins this AI journey. In addition, as an AI enterprise, we established a data science approach to this assessment process not only for each individual hospital but also for a small cohort of diverse healthcare organizations for comparative purposes. Lastly, this assessment score or MIQTM is designed by actively practicing clinicians who are leading the AI efforts at their hospitals rather than consulting technologists or administrators who are not be actively engaged in AI efforts in hospitals or health systems.

Measure Your AI Readiness

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This MIQ™ scoring and stage designation can be very useful not only to define the baseline level of AI capability but also to serially measure AI progress of the organization.

Unlike other models, MIQ is clinician led, education based, and results driven.

Take the first step by assessing your AI readiness!

Our team of advisors will ensure that you are asking the right questions and tracking the right metrics as your AI journey progresses. Contact us to schedule your free MIQ™ assessment!

Inside the MIQ™

The 11 components that comprise your MIQ™ score will measure your AI readiness across a broad spectrum of categories. These are broken into four categories: HUMAN, MACHINE/TECHNOLOGY, BOTH and INTANGIBLES.


Includes evaluation of Organizational:

  • Culture
  • Strategy and Budget
  • Commitment and Education

Machine (Technology)

Includes review of:

  • Data Sources and Analytics
  • Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity


Includes assessment of:

  • Team Composition and Dynamics
  • Pervasiveness
  • Implementation of AI and its impact


Capture of unique organizational attributes such as:

  • Awards and Publications
  • Participation in Conferences and Meetings
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • News/Media Mentions

Sample MIQ™ Score

Fictitious Healthcare Organization

The MIQ™ of a fictitious healthcare organization scored an MIQ™ of 60 points (human = 23; machine or technology = 22; both = 7; and intangibles = 8) and the results are displayed in a spider diagram (pictured).

This MIQ™ score of 60 points (again, out of a total of 100 points) will place this healthcare organization in the “AI Ready” stage category of the AI capability scale.

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Are You AI Ready?

MI10 has developed a revolutionary new metric to define an organization’s readiness to enter into an AI/Healthcare partnership: the Medical Intelligence Quotient (MIQ)™. This proprietary 11-component (Data, Science, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Team, Deployment, Strategy, Finances, Engagement, Leadership, and Intangibles) score will reveal your organization’s readiness to engage in partnerships in the AI realm.

Your organization’s MIQ™ can be used to track progress, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and potential clients.

Why MI10?

  • Physician-led
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Clinical and Research key opinion leaders
  • Boutiqued, personalized experience
  • Affordable
  • Evidence-driven
  • Practicing AI champions
  • International partners and clients
  • International robust networks
  • Career strategies for clinicians community

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