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Your Organization's Roadmap to an AI-Enabled Future

MI10 has developed a revolutionary new metric to define an organization’s readiness to enter into an AI/Healthcare partnership: the MIQ™. The MIQ™ is an essential tool to track your organization’s progress, understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and measure your path to successful adoption of AI.

This proprietary 11-component score will reveal your organization’s readiness to engage in partnerships in the AI realm.

Measure Your AI Readiness

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This MIQ™ scoring and stage designation can be very useful not only to define the baseline level of AI capability but also to serially measure AI progress of the organization.

Our team of advisors will ensure that you are asking the right questions and tracking the right metrics as your AI journey progresses. Contact us to schedule your free MIQ™ assessment!

Inside the MIQ™

The 11 components that comprise your MIQ™ score will measure your AI readiness across a broad spectrum of categories. These are broken into three categories: HUMAN, MACHINE/TECHNOLOGY, and BOTH.


  • Strategy/ AI as part of organizational strategy
  • Resources/ AI and data science personnel
  • Timing/ organizational readiness for AI
  • Leadership/ commitment from various leaders

Machine (Technology)

  • Data/ storage, types of data, access
  • Science/ type of analytics
  • Infrastructure/ EHR and interoperability
  • Cybersecurity/ level of security


  • Team/ dynamics and expertise
  • Deployment/ functionality of the team
  • Intangibles/ media, awards, publications

Sample MIQ™ Score

MIQ™ = 54

Fictitious Healthcare Organization

The MIQ™ of a fictitious healthcare organization scored an MIQ™ of 54 points (machine or technology = 22; human = 20; and both = 12) and the results are displayed in a spider diagram (pictured).

This MIQ™ score of 54 points (again, out of a total of 100 points) will place this healthcare organization in the “AI Ready” stage category of the AI capability scale.

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