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How We Work

AI Companies and investors are eager to tap the enormous potential of the healthcare market. This sector is primed for generational change, with clinicians, healthcare administrators, and patients all eager for improved outcomes. But AI providers and investors often lack the institutional knowledge and perspective needed to properly deploy new systems into the healthcare industry. That is why a clinician-led organization like MI10 can help effectively guide clients into more targeted and effective partnerships.

MI10 identifies your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. By correctly identifying these, we can effectively position you in the marketplace and target potential opportunities for rapid growth.

Artificial intelligence adoption is often more culture than technology. As a physician-led organization, we can help you understand different segments of healthcare use cases for Intelligence-Based Medicine™. You can proceed with full confidence that you understand the wants, needs, and workflows of your potential clients.

As you encounter barriers to dissemination, we continually advise on how to overcome them with technology/data platform ideation. Business strategy needs to be tightly linked to AI frameworks in order to achieve optimal outcomes, and our engagements are designed to monitor and align these elements to help you generate ROI from your investments.

We’ll help you create a go-to-market strategy and with the criteria to quickly identify new partnership opportunities. Our holistic approach addresses the fast-changing healthcare environment by leveraging AI strategy guidance with cultural transformation to drive productive outcomes and generate value.

Why MI10?

  • Physician-led
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Clinical and Research key opinion leaders
  • Boutiqued, personalized experience
  • Affordable
  • Evidence-driven
  • Practicing AI champions
  • International partners and clients
  • International robust networks
  • Career strategies for clinicians community

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