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Angela Wilkins

Angela Wilkins

As a scientist, my work has taught me to embrace problems as opportunities. For 20 years, my favorite tools have been data, algorithms, and computation. Recently, my focus has evolved from making data-driven solutions to understanding how these solutions can have an impact on society.

As Executive Director of the Kennedy Institute at Rice University, I cultivate collaborations by bridging the gap between university scholars, researchers, and modern industries to present innovative AI & data science projects into the business marketplace. The ultimate goal of bringing these groups together is to ensure that the solutions identified by researchers not only have a clear path to becoming real but that they’re strategically positioned to help people.

Academia, life sciences, and health care scholars are always striving to create new ways to solve the world’s problems. I work to remain on the cusp of these cutting-edge innovations to ensure that these advancements have arenas to make the most impact. Being in Houston gives me the prime location to fulfill this objective through partnerships with multi-sector industries, including access to the largest medical center in the world – The Texas Medical Center.

The intersection of data science, industry, and a mindset to help others is an ever-changing landscape that requires collaboration between innovators, executives, and communities to ensure that cutting-edge ideas find practical avenues to take on global challenges. This is where I am at my best and I’m always open to speaking with scholars, executives, scientists, and anyone who wants to help mankind through data science and computing.

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