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Dana Corriel

I played around with the concept, years back, that physicians could really make a significant difference by leveraging the incredible untapped medium of social media. It was ridiculed. So I dabbled in it myself, to explore. And slowly, doors started to open. And then, *voila*, I realized I was on to something, and started SoMeDocs (which now lives at its hub,

Today, SoMeDocs, short for Doctors on Social Media, has grown to 40,000+ followers across social media. It is part media company, part talent agency, part health innovation resources. We have physicians actively engaged within: learning, collaborating, and positively impacting both healthcare and their personal lives. Our ultimate goal is to curate a space that will allow healthcare professionals to connect, learn tools that optimize personal brands, and fuel leaders in healthcare that can ultimately help us impact better health.

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