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Eun Yeong Oh

Eun Yeong Oh

Dr. Eun Yeong Oh is the assistant medical director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (since 2019), subspecialty chief of breast pathology, and MAPMG-delegate for KP Inter-Regional Breast Care Leaders (IRBCL).

Dr. Oh studied chemistry and mathematics at Emory University and received a combined MD-PhD degrees at University of South Carolina School of Medicine. She joined MAPMG in 2016 after completing anatomic and clinical pathology residency and breast pathology fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center-Harvard Medical School. Under the outstanding leadership of Dr. Bruce Wollman and Dr. Ginine Beyer, she has standardized breast specimen handling protocols, pathology diagnosis, and cancer reporting across the region. In addition, she has reviewed 10 years of KPMAS data to assess upgrade and excision rates of benign high-risk breast lesions (the only KP region to have this data), in an effort to standardize the management of such lesions across all KP regions in collaboration with IRBCL and MAPMG Breast Care Team.

During pandemic, Dr. Oh developed the KPMAS COVID-19 Home Self-Collection Kit, making KPMAS the 1st Health Plan organization in the U.S. to receive the FDA Emergency Use Authorization. Moreover, Dr. Oh has implemented three digital pathology platforms to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and expand intraprocedural pathology support across the region.

She was recently certified by ABAIM and will implement an AI-assisted analysis program to augment objective scoring of breast cancer treatment markers in early 2024.

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