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Genevieve LeMarchal

Genevieve LeMarchal

Genevieve LeMarchal is the Managing Partner of Suncoast Ventures and Head of Healthcare at Expert Dojo. Expert Dojo is the most active growth accelerator and pre-seed venture fund in Southern California and third most active in the United States. She has since become one of the most prolific early stage venture capital investors in Southern California (Crunchbase, 2022). She has invested in 35 health companies (and counting) in 7 different countries in the past year, several in medical AI. She previously served as Partner at a science focused advisory and fund in formation, was a General Partner at Oregon-based FoundersPad VC Fund II and she is co-founder of the XXcelerate Fund – in an industry where less than 15% of venture capital fund managers are women and 69% of venture firms don’t have a single female investing partner. Genevieve is a writer, frequent speaker and panelist and delivers talks and keynotes to groups all over the world.

She is a Pacific Northwest native and currently resides in San Diego, California.

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