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Harvey Castro

Harvey Castro

Growing up in NYC, Harvey was raised by a single teenage mother. This experience instilled in him a determination to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. He set a goal for himself to think outside the box and work hard to become a physician, a decision that would ultimately shape the trajectory of his life. With over two decades of experience as a physician, entrepreneur, and former CEO of a healthcare system, he has expanded his influence into Healthcare Management, Working with Physicians, and integrating Healthcare Management into modern practices. His commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through AI has led Harvey to serve as a Strategic Advisor for ChatGPT & Healthcare. He aims to create a seamless symbiosis between healthcare professionals, AI developers, and innovative AI solutions. His role encompasses: Orchestrating AI Adoption Plans and pinpointing novel AI applications that meet the demands of today’s healthcare landscape. Bridging the Technology-Healthcare Divide: Aligning AI with clinical needs, safeguarding data integrity, ensuring technological compatibility, and cultivating staff competence in AI. Working with Physicians: Building collaborative environments to foster innovation and growth. Managing Healthcare Systems: Leveraging his expertise to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare delivery. As an author and public speaker, Harvey endeavors to foster awareness and spur action on AI’s transformative potential in healthcare, sharing insights from his unique intersection of experiences in Healthcare, Working with Physicians, and Healthcare Management. Join Harvey in this exciting journey, where we innovate, inspire, and impact the future of healthcare. Together, we can create a healthier and more intelligent world.

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