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Parag Jain

Parag Jain

Parag is a pediatric critical care physician with subspecialized training in pediatric cardiac critical care. He strives to provide a compassionate and empathetic care for critically ill children and their families. Being a father, he realize the stress that parents of critically ill child go through during their intensive care unit admission. His goal is to make one of the most difficult journeys any child and parent have to go through in their life, as humane as possible.

His research goal is to bring personalized care to pediatric critical care medicine. Parag has a deep passion for innovation, artificial intelligence in medicine and functional genomics. He has developed novel machine learning based algorithms, utilizing high resolution time-series data from hemodynamic variables for improved diagnosis and prediction in critically ill children. Currently, he is developing a novel Bluetooth enabled patch to capture continuous vital signs. His research endeavors have been supported by various NIH and NSF grants. He is also a master teacher, educating the next generation of healthcare providers in a challenging but psychologically safe environment. Parag has received various educational grant to build novel curriculum in pediatric critical care medicine and for healthcare innovations in pediatrics.

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