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Reid Powell

Reid Powell

Dr. Powell is the chief data scientist and bioinformatician between two CPRIT funded core facilities, the Gulf Coast Consortia’s (GCC) Combinatorial Drug Discovery Program and the GCC High Throughput Flow Cytometry Program, which both recently relocated to the Texas A&M TMC3-Helix Park Collaborative Research Building. Throughout his career Dr. Powell has been interested in the enabling capabilities of machine learning and artificial intelligence in biomedical research ecosystems. Early efforts in this space included the development of pipelines to predict disease severity and response from clinical H&E images. He has since taken these concepts and applied them to high-throughput and high-content analysis of phenotypic drug screens, which have supported pre-clinical drug repositioning efforts. Additionally, Dr. Powell’s research program leverages ML-based technologies to elucidate therapeutic susceptibilities associated with chemoresistance using multi-omics analysis of ex-vivo patient derived samples.

Research Interests: High throughput screening, High throughput/content microscopy, Bioinformatics, integrative analysis, deep Learning, Machine Learning, drug discovery, pharmacogenomics/transcriptomics.

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