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The Inspiration Behind MI10

MI10 Founder Dr. Anthony Chang illuminates some of the reasons he was compelled to create MI10 and why AI in medicine is such an important cause for him.
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What Should Investors Look For When Choosing AI Technologies to Back?

MI10 Advisor Steve Ardire explains how to evaluate AI startups, particularly from an investor’s perspective.
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Where do AI Startups Sit in the Value Chain?

MI10 CTO David Schneider explains how startups compare with larger firms in terms of the value chain
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What are the Most Frustrating Barriers to Dissemination of AI?

MI10 Strategy Advisor Steve Ardire outlines some of the barriers that must be overcome in order to fully disseminate AI solutions in healthcare
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Augmenting Human Intelligence in Healthcare: The Next Disruptive Innovation

MI10 Strategy Advisor Steve Ardire discusses how augmenting human intelligence for healthcare purposes is the next big innovation that will disrupt the healthcare industry.
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The Challenges Facing Medical Schools During the Pandemic

MI10 Advisor Dr. Arlen Meyers discusses some of the challenges that medical schools must confront as they deal with the continued effects of COVID-19
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Large Firms vs. Startups: Who Has the Advantages When It Comes to Developing New AI solutions?

When seeking a new AI service, healthcare providers can choose tho work with large, established companies. Or they can opt for a smaller, leaner startup. MI10 Strategy Advisor Steve Ardire
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