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David Schneider

David Schneider

Business and technology enthusiast, leader, follower and more with 20+ years of experience.
Seniority: Senior Manager, Entrepreneur
Focus: Knowledge Representation, Computational Intelligence and AI, Algorithm Development
Industries: Genomics, Robotics, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing
Areas: Biotechnology, Genomics, EDI, System Architecture, Supply Chain, ERP
Expertise: Computational Systems, Data Mining, Unsupervised Systems, Human-Assisted Artificial Intelligence, Technology Guidance, Operations Efficiency, Regulatory Compliance

I’ve done a lot of enjoyable and challenging things throughout my career so far from engineering to merging companies, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Executive Management
Software Architecture and Design
Program management
Roadmap Planning, Budget P&L, Capital Acquisition
Project management
CMMi, Six Sigma, HIPAA
Team recruitment and retention
Computational Systems, Enterprise Systems, Embedded & Automotive Systems

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